Is there an installed antivirus software on the monitored computer?

Then you need to disable protection and file scanning temporarily if you want to download and install Mobile tracker for Windows.

As we know some antivirus programs can add a spy software to their virus signature databases by mistake.

We recommend to add our app to your antivirus program’s Exceptions list to be sure that Mobile tracker for Windows will not by erased by antivirus program.

The process of adding an exception depends on the antivirus, but the basic parameters are the same for all.

In most antiviruses it is necessary to stop the protection temporarily and make the files and folder Mobile tracker for Windows trusted and exclude them from subsequent scans. 

Installation rules: 

  1. Suspend or turn off antivirus program.
  2. Add our app to Exceptions list and excluded it from scanning. Guide about setting up exclusions for some antiviruses:
    Avast AVG Avira Bitdefender Eset / Nod32 Kaspersky McAfee Norton Windows Security
  3. Activate or turn on antivirus protection. 

It should be mentioned that in some cases you must show hidden and system files in Windows File Explorer settings. 

If your antivirus has a built-in Firewall,You need to allow the EXE file to execute.